Executive Effectiveness Coaching - Phoenix Destinies
I provide inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. I help the decision makers to stay on track with their priorities and objectives.
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Executive Effectiveness Coaching

executive effectiveness coaching

Most leaders and managers become “stuck” at least once in their careers. And getting stuck means a breakdown of your machine. And a lack of forward motion spells disaster or even death. (Scientists say some species of shark has to MOVE to BREATHE. No movement, no oxygen, no life.)


Decision makers are often very lonely and don’t have the necessary sounding boards for their ideas and creative processes.


I’ve been there, done that and I offer  (in all my business coaching efforts)  an effective support service to decision makers, CEOs, MDs and other executives. I become your mirror and you bounce ideas and thoughts off me. I share with you my own experiences and lessons and I help you carry the load.


With this service I provide inspiration, encouragement, and motivation and I become the accountability partner on tap. I help the decision makers to stay on track with their most vital priorities and objectives.


I can further enhance this service with some of the training programs that I offer in my Power Up Your Business program which specifically caters for company executives that need to learn the game.