Coaching and Mentoring - Phoenix Destinies
Coaching and mentoring that is collaborative, solutions focused and results orientated. Supporting the successful execution of the company’s strategy.
Life Coach, Business Coach, Coaching, Mentoring, Business Strategy, Business Strategy Implementation
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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching And Mentoring

There is a huge difference between teaching someone and helping them to learn. When I coach, I’m helping my clients to unlock their potential, better their performance and improve their game.


On the surface this may seem like an easy process, but often deep seated and hidden emotions, motivations, workplace stressors, ineffective communication, personal matters and interpersonal issues prevent an individual from playing an effective role in the company’s success story. It is critical that all parts of the “engine” need to work together in order to execute the company strategy and to achieve success.


I work top down. There is the entity, the company, the “engine”, which must be moving in the right direction at the right speed and with all parts working as they should. Then there are the individual components that form the engine. This is where individual and group coaching comes in.


My coaching technique is collaborative, solutions focused and results orientated and I help my clients to improve their job performance and so-doing support the successful execution of the company’s strategy.