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A very professional service that ensures that exco and board meetings are well structured, time efficient and effective!
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Chairperson Services

Chairperson services

Hey! Don’t you just love those exco meetings that go nowhere slowly? Or the annual strategic planning sessions that end up in a stalemate because of differences of opinion and a mixture of strong ego’s?


I have over 40 years’ comprehensive experience in executive and senior management positions. I was an executive director of Q Data Consulting and a non-executive director of a number of other companies in an era where less than 14% of company directors were female. It was a hard school of learning but as a result, I am fully equipped to objectively and efficiently facilitate productive meetings that work for executives and decision makers.


The meetings I chair are well structured, time efficient and very effective from the point of view of flow, effective communication, appropriate allocation of responsibilities and the to the point feedback on these tasks. My role is to be non-emotional and objective and I firmly manage the flow of the meeting and the decision making processes. This is a very useful service as ineffective and ‘blood on the walls’ executive meetings can and do result in the demise of a company.


Sometimes, in the fray of difficult discussions and decision making during meetings, company executives temporarily forget their fiduciary duties and the fact that constructive board and exco meetings is a legal responsibility that they carry. There is no room for ‘right-fighters’ and inflated ego’s in the meetings that I chair. The focus is solely on moving forward constructively and achieving end results and workable resolutions.